Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire, under any circumstance, is devastating. We handle each job with care, integrity, and respect; we understand your most precious assets may be damaged and irreplaceable. We are here for you and will go above and beyond to make sure the restoration process is as easy on you as possible. 

Fire Damage Restoration FAQ

 We assess the damage. Burned materials are removed. We clean the soot with a chemical solution. Smoke and odor are removed using an ozone machine or hydroxy generator. Then the reconstruction process is conducted. 

Please wait for our professionals to do the clean-up process, as soot particles can spread around and cause more damage.

 It varies on extent of damage. A certified technician can explain all of that. 

Our Process

State-of-the-art equipment 100%
Certified Technicians 100%
Safety Protocols 100%