Reconstruction and Remodeling

Reconstruction and Remodeling

After removing any and all affected materials, Preferred Choice:

1. Prepares and submits repair estimates to insurance companies.
2. Performs reconstruction services in order to put the customer’s property back to
pre-loss condition.
3. Bids on and performs remodel/upgrade services upon request.

Reconstruction and Remodeling FAQ

Reconstruction includes the obtaining of permits, electrical work, drywall repair, carpentry, painting, flooring, cabinetry, and roofing. This includes replacement of damaged items and installation of new items. We oversee and inspect all work.

Once the insurance company approves of the repair estimate, we can in most cases begin repairs within 3 days.

Absolutely, we can provide a bid for any additional work you would like to have done.

Our Process

Insurance Support 100%
Customer Service 100%
Remodel Services 100%