Water Damage And Dry Out

Water Damage

When water damage occurs, time is of the essence. Incorrect or delayed action can jeopardize or seriously impede satisfactory restoration. Water damage promotes bacteria and disease. The fastest way to minimize damage is to call Preferred Choice Restoration for a free consultation.

Water Damage and Dry Out FAQ

We treat all leaks — anything from roof leaks to a toilet break.

First, water is extracted, and the area is sanitized with an anti-microbial agent and dried out. Drying typically takes 3-5 days. During those 3-5 days, we check the moisture levels daily to ensure the levels are dropping. We use up-to-date equipment and moisture meters to ensure all water has been discovered. Once the relative humidity has dropped below the required saturation level, the equipment is removed, and repair of the damaged area is conducted.

Yes, there are three kinds:

Clean water – comes from sources such as a burst pipe or malfunctioning sprinkler. It is generally free of bacteria and viruses.

Grey water – comes from washing machines or toilets. It is contaminated with biological or chemical hazards and can cause sickness and irritation.

Black water – comes from raw sewage or natural disaster. This is the most harmful type and is contaminated with chemicals, pesticides, pathogens, or other harmful bacteria.

Our Process

State-of-the-art equipment 100%
Certified Technicians 100%
Safety Protocols 100%